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 Photo by Matthew Spiegelman


ALL Knitwear was created by Annie Larson in 2010. The slow-growing collection of heirloom sweaters is an ongoing study of color and pattern, realized in a series of simple shapes. The primary objective remains true to the very first days of knitting, to design special pieces that can't be replicated in spirit or style. Operating on a made-to-order basis, Larson knits each piece in her studio before shipping to customers all over the world. Her intent is to work outside of traditional fashion seasons, allowing the sweaters to live for extended periods of time. 


Annie was born in 1983 (Seoul) and grew up in rural Wisconsin. She attended the University of Minnesota for apparel design and later went on to work for Target Corporation, designing clothing for juniors and men. She purchased her first knitting machine in 2009 and taught herself how to make sweaters over the course of a year, though learning new techniques and refining skills is a daily pursuit. In 2016, Larson began teaching machine knitting at The New School (Parsons) where she genuinely loves passing this beloved craft on to a new generation. 


ALL Knitwear is based in Brooklyn, NY where Annie knits sweaters every day of the week. There are no employees, no interns, and virtually zero waste. 


Design by Other Means (2013)


New items photographed by Matthew Spiegelman 


New items modeled by Claudette Gacuti, Cameron Mesirow, Maia Ruth Lee, Jezenia Romero, Cynthia Leung, Mary Manning, & Monique Mouton


Archived photos by Mary ManningMatthew Spiegelman,

Aaron WojackSam Hoolihan, & Knick Studios


Select styling pieces provided by SSWTR, Tauba Auerbach, & ROLU


Past styles modeled by Claudette Gacuti, Maia Ruth Lee, Lulu Wolf, Lindsay Noble, Bailey Salisbury, Steph Krasnoff and friends of ALL Knitwear

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